Friday, July 10, 2009

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I'm sure you all know about the It is a website of Airasia that provide airline service. From the website, you can straight away book the air ticket online and no need go to the counter to buy the air ticket. It is very convenient and save time to book the air ticket online.

Language and Country Choose
First you come to the website, there are two column for you to choose the your departure country and the language. It ease the work to find the translate version by first giving the customers to choose their familiar language. Beside that, choose the departure country from the first into the website will make sure the customers make the right flight booking.

Search Engine
There is a search engine inside Airasia website. With the help of search engine, you just need to fill up the the place you want to take the flight, the destination, how many people, one way trip or return, and the result will come out with a click on "search". That would be easy and convenient in helping customers to find out the flight they wish to book and take a quick look on the ticket fare that they may wish to compare the difference with other airline company.

If there is any promotion on the ticket fare, an advertisement will be post on the home page of The customers may easy to notice the advertisement and click on the advertisement to find out what is on promotion. Customers may be attracted by the advertisement and book the air ticket to go on the holidays.

Company Information
In the, it also provides company information. Customers can find out more about the company's background, investor relations and even their blog from the website. Customers may feel more rest assure with more knowledge about the company. Besides that, it also provides a portal for those who has the interest to work in Airasia.

Other Services
There are also some other services in the For example, customers also can book the hotel with together the air ticket, product and shopping service, travel service and others.

To find out more service in, you should click on the link and take a look now.


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