Thursday, July 9, 2009

A discussion on E-Learning offered in Malaysian universities: Pros and Cons from the students prespective.

E-Learning (or Electronic learning or eLearning), defined in Wikipedia, is a term for all types of technology-enhanced learning (TEL), where technology is used to support the learning process. In Malaysia, E-Learning had been introduced by universities such as UTM (University Technology Malaysia) and MMU (Multimedia University). From the students’ perspective, e-learning provides pros and cons:

(a) Convenience and flexibility to learners
E-Learning is self-paced and the learning sessions are available 24x7. Learners are not bound to a specific day/time to physically attend classes. They can also pause learning sessions at their convenience.

(b) Reducing environmental impact
E-Learning allows people to avoid travel expenses. It provides a virtual environment and helpful in reduce the usage of paper. With virtual notes instead of paper notes, eLearning is a more environmentally friendly solution.

(c) Affordable education
E-learning can drastically reduce the costs of higher education, making it much more affordable and accessible to the students. An internet connection, a computer, and a projector would allow an entire classroom in a third world university to benefit from the knowledge of a distant instructor.

(a) Technology skill required
The students without technology skill are forced to put more efforts to learn about it. Furthermore, some students may not able to switch to new e-learning environment.

(b) Lack of Human Interaction
Learning is traditionally a process of passing information from one human being to another. However, e-learning has been taken place without face to face communication. Thus, high level understanding may not reach.

(c) Lack of Motivation
E-Learning requires self-discipline for students. Some students may not able to follow the syllabus of E-Learning with poor motivation. Thus, the objective of e-learning has failed to achieve.

E-Learning is a good strategy for all students since its advantages greater than its disadvantages. In my opinion, there are not disadvantages for me as it depends the ways of how we use E-Learning to achieve education goals.


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