Thursday, October 20, 2011

After Graduated

It's been almost one and a half year since I graduated from University. I think it's been 3 years since I last blog in World of E-Commerce.

Working life is not as tough as studying in University for me. Maybe because I am naturally borned lazy or I am dumb that University life isn't my cup of tea. I get to earn money using my flesh and hardwork, I gained satisfaction as I don't have to use money from home to support my living. I also get the feelings of accomplishment while finish my daily work without having to postpone my job to the next day.

Working has to be very high EQ, knows how to dealt with people. I think it will be a very long way for me I think maybe I got to learn it from the hard way then I will only understand how to fit in to this cruel reality world.

For me, I don't mind when the pay is low as long as I can learn something which will be useful for my future development. What's more, I was just a fresh grade, and bargaining isn't my priority and my strength. The other important thing for me a work is that my boss can appreciate me for what I had done.

My first job is in I think 6 years ago, that was even before I had enrolled in university. My boss knows how to appreciate me but sadly I wasn't being able to stay for long as for my future, I should go for further study in order to survice in this country.

My second job, one year ago I was recruit by a legal firm. The second boss who hire me is a good person but sadly he has no power over the firm and what he tells the big boss, big boss will just follow his way and make everyone else looked transparent or non-existhen.

My colleagues told me our big boss is very nice before his daughter joined this company. I agreed to her as working in there for a year has make me realize that egoism can make people loss themselves and eventually loss the respect from everyone else. It not that kind of firm that people can work for very long unless our boss or the daughter is fond of them. Yeah, I am not the kind of person who know what the boss want and will go for it. If it's my mistake I will admit and find a solution for it instead of covering up or frame other people. But sadly, my big boss and especially her daughter, loved it.

Knowing that there'll be no future for me in the firm, I decided to move on. It quite sad and nervous after you resign but you haven't found a new job. Now my third job, it's not a large firm as it was only a small subsidiary, but I was happy working for the firm as here, people appreciate me for what I had done, yeah as usual nothing is perfect, there's not much to learn here but out of there appreciated and the gratedute that I had for my manager I won't simply unless if I were ask to.

E-world had really change almost everyone's lifestyle. Now world is all about E and globalisation has bring all of us together that everyday I can speak to people around the world within the same company just with one click away.

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